Self Esteem in the Workplace

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The job market can be a stressful and fierce place for individuals of all ages.  Whether you are just beginning your first job or fixing to retire after years of diligent work, you will find maintaining your self esteem in the workplace is critical to your success in you specific career field.  Keeping your self esteem at a high level will allow you to best deal with bosses, clients, and coworkers in various environments while maintaining a cool, professional demeanor.  This fantastic quality can separate you from the rest of the pack, propelling you to the front for promotions, special projects, and receiving employment.

The task of searching and finding a job that fits into your choice of career field is quite an undertaking.  The advent of the World Wide Web allows individuals of all ages, career choices, and places in their employment history to search for job openings in all aspects of the job market.  From medical work to teaching positions, you are sure to find a job opening that best fits your needs without leaving the comfort of your own home.  More traditional ways of finding employment includes your local newspaper’s classified advertisement section.  Additionally, many individuals seek out headhunters or enroll with temp agencies that have a phenomenal success rate in finding jobs for qualified individuals. 

Once you have found the job that best fits your needs, begin the application process.  This may prove quite taxing of your self esteem, as you may potentially be turned down by one or more of your prospective jobs.  You should not take any dismissals personally, as the business in question is looking at your strengths, experiences, and skills strictly on paper.  If you are called into an interview, carefully preparing for the experience will allow you better success than going into an interview without any preparation at all.  Individuals who do well in interviews have a high sense of self esteem and know they are totally capable of completing any task at hand.  The potential employer may find it necessary to conduct more than one interview in order to understand all aspects of your personality, work ethic, skills, and experiences that will positively affect your performance at their company.

If you are accepted for the position, your self esteem should be going through the roof!  Take this time to positively reward yourself for all the hard work and effort you have put into the job search, application, and interview processes.  When it comes time to enter your new place of work, be sure to bring you newly boosted self esteem along.  Maintain your level while meeting your fellow coworkers and your new boss or bosses.  Know the chain of command and understand which individual you should seek in different situations.  Understand how your place of employment works before you begin to implement or request changes.  Only begin to make new rules or regulations after you have thoroughly reviewed the current status and situation of a variety of different things.  Your self esteem is sure to take a blow if you hastily make changes for the sake of making changes.  If you decide to make changes in your workplace, ask your coworkers for their opinions before any implementation should occur.

Finally,  beware of office politics or any other things that can potentially tear away at your self esteem and even danger your position in the company.  Maintain a high level of professionalism in all matters of your job, especially when dealing with your coworkers or bosses.  When dealing with clients, treat each individual with the utmost respect and in the most professional terms.  Your high self esteem is sure to give you a boost in the workplace.


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